Qtr. Sawn Black Walnut

Quarter-sawn Black Walnut maintains all of the core traits that make Huntwood’s standard Black Walnut such a great choice. Additionally, the quarter-sawing technique used in the milling of this variation produces a striking “ribbon-and-flake” pattern. Black Walnut’s inherently bold grain characteristics serve to enhance this effect. This aesthetic is created by taking the raw lumber, cutting it into “quarters” and then again at a 90-degree angle to the growth ring of the tree. Typically, large flat surfaces will exhibit the defining characteristics of Quarter-sawn Black Walnut more readily than pieces containing detailed profiles. Quarter-sawn Black Walnut’s natural coloration can vary significantly, ranging from dark brown to a purplish black with occasional lighter streaks of brown. Quarter-sawn Black Walnut is available in all stain colors that are currently offered on Huntwood’s standard Black Walnut wood species.