Qtr. Sawn Sapele

Quarter-sawn Sapele is an exotic hardwood that varies in color, ranging from pinkish blonde to a dark, reddish brown. This inherent color diversity will produce significant color variation in finished product. Unless stained in a darker color, the aforementioned color variation will likely be quite visible. The organic composition of Quarter-sawn Sapele makes it very responsive to all kinds of light and it will display a tendency to darken over time. This inherent characteristic may result in aggressive darkening of the respective woodwork’s color, depending upon exposure to light (natural or man-made).

Quarter-sawn Sapele exhibits a textured grain pattern that varies from straight to wavy. Specific milling techniques expose an aesthetically pleasing “ribbon-and-flake” characteristic within the grain. Quarter-sawn Sapele is a very durable, stable wood that responds well to a variety of colors and glazes.